• The story of Zents is a story of healing. Founder Cord Coen was injured in a devastating car accident, which left him with chronic pain, intense migraines, and a complete loss of the ability to smell. In search for healing, Coen left Colorado and went to India where he began internal herbal treatments, massage, meditation, and yoga. Through this process, a miracle occurred and he was able to heal his body and restore his sense of smell. Coen created Zents as a way to introduce to the world what he discovered on his trip to India.

    In regaining his sense of smell in India, Coen's sensitivity to scent was dramatically heightened. Strong perfumes with high concentrates of synthetics would now trigger migraines. He began a process of testing all of his own scents on himself, on friends, and on family. Any scents that caused a reaction didn’t make it into the line.

    One of the most popular products is the Zents Lotion - Ore. Deep and spicy, Ore includes top notes of Orris and Coriander. This lotion also has soothing Shea butter and Green Tea ingredients. Karen, an Apothica customer, had the following to say about this product “I had a small sample of this lotion, after a shower I used it and it was amazing, the scent stayed with me all day. I had everyone asking me what I had on.”