• Brilliant note pairings and luxurious, adorable packaging describes TokyoMilk. Created by Margot Elena, TokyoMilk is a line of fragrance that features a scent to capture every mood and taste in only the most elegant way.

    Fun, flirty names like I Want Candy and Let Them Eat Cake, inspired by Marie Antoinette, combine with antique, glittery imagery on the packaging to match the name and scent. TokyoMilk Parfum includes intoxicating notes like Osmanthus, White Orchid, Crisp Apples, and Gardenia to name a few.

    TokyoMilk Lip Balm is delicately scented and nourishing and healing for the lips. Soothing and softening ingredients like Shea Butter and Aloe keep your lips totally kissable.

    One of the most popular products is the Parfum-Dead Sexy No.6. It is designed for people who want an exotic and alluring scent. The notes in this product are deep vanilla, ebony and white orchid. Kristin, who is an Apothica Customer, had the following to say about this product, “It makes me feel sexy and the scent is raw, organic and so seductive. You will love it too.” Parfum-Le Petit-No.2 is another one of the sought-after Tokyomilk products. The notes in this product are lily, vanilla bean, violet pedals and peony. It is ideal for people who want a floral, sweet scent. Lynda, an Apothica Customer, had the following to say about this product, "I love this sent; it so soft, clean and calm smelling. It is great!”