• Fragrance isn't something that should be taken lightly. Trust your signature scent to a professional. Lyn Harris has worked in the fragrance industry for 14 years and spent five years training in France at a highly prestigious perfume school and then at Robertet in Grasse. She founded Miller Harris in 2000, modeling her scents on moods, times of day, seasons, and special occasions.

    Rare and precious ingredients are the foundation of Miller Harris products. Whether it is Iris from Florence, Sandalwood from the Pacific, or Jasmine from Egypt, all Miller Harris ingredients are the highest quality available. The scent of Tuberose in the Noix de Tuberose fragrance mimics the buttery scent of the endangered Tuberose fields of Grasse.

    The design of the packaging was inspired by a book in an antique shop in Scotland that featured 18th century floral prints. With delicately scented perfumes and candles, Miller Harris brings captivating aromas to enhance and harmonize your life.