• Harajuku Lovers is famous pop singer Gwen Stefani's line of fragrance based on the fashion she observed in the Shibuya, Tokyo area of Harajuku. The street style is all about attitude, outrageous pairings, and bright colors. Her four back-up dancers, she calls her "Harajuku Girls," are inspiration for the fragrance line (Love, Angel, Music, and Baby). The fifth fragrance is named "G," inspired by Gwen, herself.

    Created in 2005, the ine is an extension of Stefani's debut solo album. The tagline for the line is "a fatal attraction to cuteness," taken straight from her song entitled "Harajuku Girls."

    These sweet and fruity, distinctive scents are all about personality and individuality. Find what girl you're drawn to or collect them all for an enviable display on your bathroom counter.